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1. It gives your dog variety


Like in the wild, wild dogs are scavengers & enjoy hunting for new things! Eating fruit is nothing new.


2.Overweight & obesity is affecting dogs now


There are more & more pet illness stemming from processed foods containing feed-grade ingredients (those that are deemed inappropriate for human consumption) & it is important that, as their owners we reassess all of the substances that go into our pets’ mouths.


3. Dogs enjoy them


Your dog will enjoy the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables added to his diet, Fruits and vegetables are tasty and filled with disease fighting antioxidants.


4. Providing the best for him


You will know you are providing the best foods for your best friend. Offering him fresh, flavourful, and nutrient-rich fruits just like those you eat!


5. Boost Nutrition


Dog foods (whether (kibble/raw/wet food) are created with a well-rounded balance of the protein, fat, and carbohydrates dogs need in their diet.


Adding fruits and vegetables to these meals provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids not always found in processed dog food.


Vegetables and fruits are well-rounded, giving your dog fibre and phytonutrients processed foods often have added in a chemical /processed form rather than naturally available.


6. Keeps him hydrated


Fruits and vegetables are naturally filled with water your dog needs.


Keeping your dog hydrated is essential for overall health, but especially beneficial for fighting kidney disease. Keeping your dog hydrated can help prevent bladder stones from forming within your dog's bladder, kidney stones from forming within the kidneys, and blockage occurring from the result of painful stones.


Supplementing his diet with fruits and vegetables will also provide an excellent source of water his body requires for his overall health.


7. Better Fibre = More solid Stools


Fruits and vegetables have natural fibre (soluble) whereas processed dog foods, even high-quality dog foods, will use processed fibre.


Soluble fibre that which comes from vegetables is digested later in your dog's system, helping to keep your dog regular but also to fight diseases in your dog's digestive system.


Getting fibre from a natural source is always better than the alternative of fibre in manufactured foods.


8. The enzymes found in plant material aids in digestion of meat/protein, amongst other benefits


Bromelain (found in pineapple) is an enzyme that helps break down protein. It has also been found to support healthy inflammation levels, help relieve pain, reduce swelling, and boost wound healing.


9. Fighting illness & diseases such as cancer, pancreatitis, diabetes etc; all of which are on the rise in the dog community


Fruits and vegetables are filled with antioxidants and vitamins which help your dog fight disease.


Antioxidants are powerful at fighting abnormal cell growth. Antioxidants fight free radicals your dog's body naturally produces, counteracting the damage these free radicals do to your dog’s healthy cells. Antioxidants are known for fighting against cancers and building your dog's immunity, so he is less likely to become ill.


10. Your dog deserves the best diet available to him! He is your best friend after all!


As a final note, although the benefits of fruit for dogs is clear to see, Biscuit’s Barkery is not a veteranary practice so it is important to not make too many drastic changes to your dogs diet all at once & to keep an eye on your dog after feeding any new foods for the first time.


Biscuit’s Barkery superfood treats are treats to be fed in conjunction with a healthy, balanced, complete dog food.


Also, while very rare, dogs can have allergies to any type of food just like humans can. If you notice odd behaviour or skin conditions after feeding a new food, it’s probably best to avoid the said food until speaking to your vet.




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